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Before Whitening After Cosmetic Whitening
Teeth Whitening Before Teeth Whitening After
Teeth Bleaching Before Teeth Bleaching After
Great way to whiten stained teeth due to aging, smoking, genetics, tetracycline use, wine, coffee, tea, etc. Teeth whitening is cost effective and easy. Whitening gel placed in a tray that is conformed to your mouth. Overtime, the whitening gel can rid stains that are very difficult to remove. See more about teeth whitening.

Before - Veneers After - Veneers
Veneers Before Veneers After
Before, my teeth were very unattractive, to say the least. Now, however, I can't stop showing everyone my new teeth. I feel completely different and I've finally got rid of those black teeth.
- Susan C. Orlando, FL

Before - Bridgework Replacement After - Bridgework Replacement
Bridgework Replacement Before Bridgework Replacement After
Extremely long, narrow, unnatural, discolored old bridgework. After cosmetic whitening and cosmetic bridgework on top teeth, patient has a more natural, youthful harmonious smile.

My new bridgework really gave me an extra boost of confidence in my workplace and in my life. I can't stop smiling now!
- Nick B. Tampa, FL

Before - Natural Teeth--Trauma Due to Accident After - New cosmetic Bridge
Bridgework Trauma Before Bridgework Trauma After
Patient suffered fractured and displaced teeth. Two front, center teeth were non-restorable. Patient had cosmetic whitening and cosmetic bridgework. Note the instant orthodontics on the front teeth correcting the two malpositioned lateral incisors and the esthetic replacement of the two central incisors.

No one knows I lost my front teeth!
- Jean H. Orlando, FL

Old Bridgework Right New Cosmetic Bridgework Right Side
Bridgework Right Before Bridgework After Right

Old Bridgework Left New Cosmetic Bridgework Left Side
Bridgework Left Before Bridgework Left After
Old, unesthetic bridgework had large, boxy looking teeth. Size of lateral incisors were larger than central incisors. Overall size of teeth not proportioned well. Orlando patient had cosmetic whitening and cosmetic bridgework. Note proportionate size and symmetry of teeth in new bridge.

Dr. Oswick,
I now realize that not all cosmetic dentists are alike. I appreciate your keen eye for details.
- Meagan H. Orlando, FL

Before After
Bonding Before Bonding After
Cosmetic bonding and cosmetic recontouring, close gaps with bonding, align edges and improve symmetry of smile with cosmetic recontouring.

Before After - Esthetic Inlay/Onlay
Inlay Before Inlay After
Unattractive old amalgam, mercury fillings, fractured, leaking. Metal turns natural tooth color, black. Inlay/onlay restoration involves removal of less natural tooth structure than a full crown. They are stronger than large white or silver fillings.

Now I know there is a difference. My teeth look and feel so much healthier.
- Dave R. Orlando, FL

Natural Teeth Before Implants After - Implant Supported Bridgework
Implant Before Implant After
Patient did not want removable dentures or partial dentures. Instead, he had three implants, cosmetic bleaching, and cosmetic bridgework on the upper. He had removal of hopeless teeth on the lower, and cosmetic bridgework.

My father had dentures at a young age and I was following in his footsteps until I met you. Thanks for turning me around. Your experience and commitment of quality gave me an excellent result. Now I can eat and smile with confidence.
- Keith O. Orlando, FL

Before - Natural Teeth After - Snap on Smile
Snap on Smile Before Snap on Smile After
Thank you Orlando Family Dentistry. I've disliked my unattractive smile for a long time. I had an important occasion to go to and could not afford to have comprehensive dental work done at the moment, though I knew I needed a lot of cosmetic work. This is a good way to "test-drive" a new smile. I think this would also be good for people interviewing for a job or for actors. I'm looking forward to you restoring my smile permanently in the near future.
- Brian. Orlando, Florida

Before - Old Denture After - New Cosmetic Denture
Dentures Before Dentures After
Chewing function improved, improved facial muscle support and great, natural result.

Thanks, doctors! Everyone thought I was unhappy because I never smiled. It wasn't me--it was my denture! My teeth were way too short, worn-down and not very feminine. Now I'm a much happier person! They look good and feel great.
- Pam B.

Before After - Bonded Fillings
Bonded Fillings Before Bonded Fillings After
White, natural-colored fillings (a better alternative to old-fashioned silver, amalgam, or mercury) restored these rampantly decayed teeth back to their original beauty.

Thank you for being conservative, doctor. Another dentist wanted to crown these teeth. I look forward to fixing my other ones with you.
- Randy W.

Before After - Removable Partial Denture
Removable Partial Denture Before Removable Partial Denture After
Removable Partial Denture 2 Before Removable Partial Denture 2 After
Thank you doctor, my smile is much improved. The old removable partial denture was never aesthetic from day one. Metal clasps were unsightly and the teeth were just slapped in. You are an artist!! Your attention to detail and wax try-in dentistry appointments make all the difference!!

Before After - Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment
Invisalign Before Upper Invisalign After Upper
Invisalign Before Lower Invisalign After Lower
Although I'd always wanted to straighten my teeth, I dreaded the thought of having to wear conventional metal braces as an adult. Invisalign (invisible braces) made it easy. I only wish I'd done this sooner!
- Adrean

Before After - Flipper
Flipper Before Flipper After
I just needed my flipper replaced. Most dentists do not put much effort into replacing flippers, they just want to sell you an implant. But Dr. Oswick made me a very esthetic flipper to wear until I make a decision for definative treatment. Thank you for caring and understanding!
Steve S.

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